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Jason Williams

Are you looking for Best Google Maps Scraper? You've come to the right place!

By scraping leads from Google Maps, you can build a database of potential customers who have shown interest in products or services related to your business. This data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, email outreach, or sales prospecting.

We tried all the tools on the market and summarized the best ones for you, we use these tools to consistently get high quality leads and sales! Hope you like them!

1. G Maps Extractor

G Maps Extractor is a scraping Chrome extension for business leads, one click to extract data from Google Maps and export to CSV file, includes reviews, images, phone number, email address and social media profiles.

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.Just install the Chrome(or Edge) extension and scrape leads in Google Maps without installing software or using proxies.
2.Simulate user actions to scrape data smoothly without limitation.
3.Fast export speed.

Pricing Plan

Free Plan: 1000 monthly leads extract
Professional: $39/month - 100,000 monthly leads extract, include email, social medias and more.
Business: $99/month - 500,000 monthly leads extract, support bulk keywords leads export.

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2. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a a unique company. PhantomBuster’s mission is to allow everyone to automate any action on the web.As the market leader in automating lead generation, they allow businesses to grow faster (and save time in the process). PhantomBuster empowers sales and marketing teams to effortlessly search for, and connect with, their dream clients on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other online platforms. Plus, you don't have to be an expert coder or a technical genius. In just a few clicks, you can set up your own Phantom right away.

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.Cloud base software, no proxies required.
2.Integrate with CRMs (HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive) and connect your email enrichment tools (Hunter, Dropcontact, Snov.io).
3.Also Support Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YellowPages Leads Scraping

Pricing Plan

Free Plan: 2h execution time
Starter Plan: $69/month - 20h/month execution time
Pro Plan: $159/month - 80h/month execution time
Team Plan: $439/month - 300h/month execution time

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3. Apify

Apify is the platform where developers build, deploy, and monitor web scraping and browser automation tools. Their mission is to let people automate mundane tasks on the web and spend their time on things that matter. We strive to keep the web open as a public good and a basic right for everyone, regardless of the way you want to use it, as its creators intended.

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.You can use Crawlee - their popular library for building reliable scrapers in Node.js.
2.Apify works great with both Python and JavaScript. Scrapy, Selenium, Playwright or Puppeteer. It's your choice.
3.Actors are serverless microapps that are easy to develop, run, share, and integrate. The infra, proxies, and storages are ready to go.
4.Connect to hundreds of apps right away using ready-made integrations, or set up your own with webhooks and their API.

Pricing Plan

Free Plan: $5 free usage
Starter Plan: $49/month proxies: $13 / GB
Scale Plan: $499/month proxies: $11 / GB
Business Plan: $999/month proxies: $10 / GB

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4. BrowseAI

BrowseAI is The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website. You can train a robot in 2 minutes.No coding required!

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.Extract data from any websitesimply select items on a webpage to extract and download them as a spreadsheet.
2.Monitor websites for changeMonitor a website for changes over time and get notified when your robot detects a change.
3.Turn any website into an APISelect the data you need and create your own real-time API for any website in minutes.

Pricing Plan

Free Plan: 50 credits/month
Starter Plan: $48/month - 2000 credits/month
Pro Plan: $124/month - 5000 credits/month
Team Plan: $312/month - 10,000 credits/month

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5. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI is a popular web scraping tool founded in 2018.It was created by a team of developers with a shared vision: to help companies collect clean, insightful data without getting blocked. Setting up proxy servers and headless browsers, handling IP rotation, and outsmart CAPTCHAs are just a few of the tiresome issues that businesses face when collecting online data themselves. And still, they’re unable to scrape at scale without getting blocked. By navigating the storm ourselves, we’ve made web scraping easier for 10,000+ brands today.

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.ScraperAPI handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call.
2.Using Proxies Has Never Been This Simple.You no longer have to deal with proxies and rotating millions of IP addresses just to stay unblocked. We’ll take care of that and much more.
3.Easily scrape any site with JS rendering, geotargeting or residential proxies.

Pricing Plan

Hobby Plan: $48/month - 100,000 API Credits
Startup Plan: $149/month - 1,000,000 API Credits
Business Plan: $299/month - 3,000,000 API Credits
Professional Plan: $999/month - 14,000,000 API Credits

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6. Scrapingbee

Tired of getting blocked while scraping the web?The Scrapingbee web scraping API handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you.

Quick Overview

Main Benefits

1.Render your web page as if it were a real browser.We manage thousands of headless instances using the latest Chrome version. Focus on extracting the data you need, not dealing with inefficient headless browsers.
2.Render JavaScript to scrape any website.With JavaScript rendering, a simple parameter enables you to scrape any web page, even single-page applications using React, AngularJS, Vue.js, or any other libraries.
3.Rotate proxies to bypass rate limiting.Thanks to our large proxy pool, you can bypass rate limiting while scraping web pages, hiding your bots and reducing the chances of being blocked.

Pricing Plan

Hobby Plan: $49/month - 150,000 API Credits
Startup Plan: $99/month - 1,000,000 API Credits
Business Plan: $249/month - 3,000,000 API Credits
Business+ Plan: $599/month - 8,000,000+ API Credits

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Final Conclusion

Whether it's ease of use, scraping speed, data integrity or price, G Maps Extractor is the Winner! 🏆

We highly recommend you try it out. Get G Maps Extractor Here >>


1.What type of data can I extract via G Maps Extractor?

Name of the place on Google Maps, this is usually the canonicalized business name.
The place's phone number in its local format.
The email scraped from the internet.
Social Medias
The social media profile URLs found from the internet (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Yelp, Twitter, and so on).
The authoritative website for this place, such as a business' homepage.
The location of a place's website.
The human-readable address of this place.
The Street of this place.
The municipality of this place.
The categories for the Google My Business.
By claiming your GMB profile, you can verify and edit all the information about your business as it appears on Google.
The price level of the place, on a scale of 0 to 4 ($ to $$$$).
Plus code
Plus codes can be used as a replacement for street addresses in places where they do not exist (where buildings are not numbered or streets are not named).
Review Count
The total number of reviews.
People can write reviews for places.
People post photo updates about a place.
Average Rating
The place's rating, from 1.0 to 5.0, based on aggregated user reviews.
Review URL
The review URL of place. A link for customers to leave reviews.
Google Maps URL
The URL of the official Google Page for this place.
Google Knowledge URL
Google Knowledge panels are information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities (people, places, organizations, things) that are in the Knowledge Graph.
Latitude in decimal degrees.
Longitude in decimal degrees.
Opening hours
The opening hours of a place.
Featured image
A photo of a place/business.
A unique identifier Google assigns to a specific businesses entity.
Place Id
A Place Id is a textual identifier that uniquely identifies a place.
Kgmid is the identifier for Google Knowledge Graph API.

2.What is the difference between a Free plan and a Paid plan?
Free plan can only export up to 10 leads base on a keyword search results. Paid plan can export all leads base on a keyword search results.

3. Does G Maps Extractor offer money back guarantee?
YES, If G Maps Extractor service hasn't exceeded your expectations within 7 days, you'll get a full refund. No question ask!
Also, G Maps Extractor's payment is secured by Stripe, your payment is 100% safe and protected.

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This is a tool that works very well for scraping Google Maps, I use it every day it's part of the essential toolkit of b2b cold emails.

- Vla Derach

I had the same luck. I spent days doing that, and then I came across this amazing scraper, simple, no disk space required and easy to use. simply amazing, and the customer support is beyond expectation!

- Kevin Joseph

Great scraping tool that making my job much easier than others. It saves my time and cost. Awesome customer services. Support team helped me with few critical issues. Thank you!

- Jeremy Hood

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